Our Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to provide students with a world-class dance education where the beauty of Chinese culture is learned and appreciated through the art of traditional Chinese dance.

Our purpose is to inspire students to:

  • Embrace and express their passion for the Art;
  • Achieve a healthy balance of mind and body;
  • Develop confidence, elegance, and grace through dance.

What We Do

Founded by Min Luo in 2011, we are the premier traditional Chinese dance school in the Dallas metroplex.

Our focus is on Chinese classical dance and ethnic folk dance.

We provide professional-level training and high quality annual performance and competition opportunities.

Our dance education programs and organizational memberships include our School, Dance Company, Adult’s Troupe, and Camp.

Why Choose Us?

  • Professional Teachers & Choreographers

    Our faculty is a team of excellent dance teachers who provide our students with a professional, structured dance education experience.

    Our teachers graduated from a prestigious Art institute/Academy, majoring in Dance. They have many years experience teaching, performing, and competing.

    Our young and talented dance teachers all have their own specialty. They are full of energy and have the ability to draw out a dancer’s true potential.

    We welcome you to visit us. See what we do, and how we do it!

  • Annual "Dance Celebration" Performance

    HappyFeet Dance School (“HappyFeet DSP”) and HappyFeet Dance Company (“HappyFeet DC”) together provide our dancers with annual performances.

    “Dance Celebration”

    • We call our January/February performance a “Dance Celebration”, which coincides with the celebration of the Chinese New Year.
    • Open to the general public for all to enjoy, expect to be impressed by gorgeous costumes, complex choreography, beautiful music, and a professional Master of Ceremonies to host the event.

    All of our performance venues are held in high-end, professional quality facilities. Historically, we rent the Eisemann Center in Richardson and Moody Performance Hall in Dallas.

    See our past performance photos in our Gallery.

  • Class Structure

    HappyFeet DSP provides quality technique and performance instruction for all dancers.

    We use both Eastern and Western teaching styles.

    Our program is designed to develop technical skills, self-confidence, and stage presence.

    All class sizes are kept small to ensure individual attention and a strong relationship between instructor and student.

  • Beautiful Dance Studio

    We are thrilled to be able to provide one of the best quality dance studios in the Dallas metroplex for the benefit of our students.

    • 4,100 square foot studio.
    • Harlequin “Cascade” marley vinyl floor surface over a sprung sub-floor in each of our 3 beautiful rooms. This is truly the best quality, safest, most enjoyable dance floor you can buy for dancers.
    • 8-foot tall glass mirrors.

    One reason why we have one of the best quality dance studios is because of the materials used to build our dance floor surfaces and sprung sub-floors underneath.

    Harlequin_WoodSpring-solid_hardwood-mapleWhen it comes to building a great dance studio, there is nothing more important than the sub-floor under the surface (it must be sprung); followed by the dance floor surface itself.

    In building this new studio, our #1 goal was “to provide our students with a beautiful, inspiring, and professional environment that enhances their dance education experience.”  Come in and experience our amazing dance floor space for yourself!

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Ms. Min Luo
Artistic Director and Choreographer
Founder of HappyFeet Dance School and HappyFeet Dance Company