<center>Min Luo</center>

Min Luo

Artistic Director, Choreographer
Founder of HappyFeet Dance School
and HappyFeet Dance Company

Ms. Min Luo is the founder and artistic director of HappyFeet Dance School & Performance, and HappyFeet Dance Company.

At the young age of five, Ms. Luo discovered her passion for Chinese dance. Ms. Luo has dedicated 30 years of her life to training, performing, and teaching the art of traditional Chinese dance. Today as a proud Chinese-American and Texan, Ms. Luo is fully devoted to sharing the best of China’s performing arts and culture with her students and the American general public.

Since moving from Boston to Dallas in 2011, Ms. Luo has transformed her dream into the preeminent Chinese dance school in the Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex.

With rare skills and knowledge to share, Ms. Luo has been honored by invitations to teach and choreograph for many US dance schools and programs. Some examples include the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association; Angel Dance Company in Boston; Harvard Multicultural Event in Cambridge; RCLS North Carolina; Highland Park High School’s Dance Program in Dallas; and UNT Dance Department in Denton.

Prior to moving to the US in 2003, Ms. Luo produced and hosted a popular dance/fitness daily-televised program: “Follow me, Every Day”. She also worked for the highly esteemed Wu Xiang Dance Academy as a dancer, instructor and choreographer.

Ms. Luo’s education and certification highlights include: Artistic degree in Dance from Guangxi Arts Institute; Registered Teacher with Beijing Dance Academy; Member of China Dancers Association; Licensed Instructor in Aerobics and Yoga from Les Mills; Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Bentley University (Waltham, Massachusetts).

<center>Manman Yu</center>

Manman Yu

Traditional Chinese Dance Instructor & Choreographer
Artistic Director of HappyFeet Dance Company

Ms. Manman Yu received her Bachelor’s degree in Dance Performance from the elite Beijing Dance Academy (北京舞蹈学院) in 2006. Founded in 1954, Beijing Dance Academy is recognized as China’s oldest and #1 ranked performing arts school. As a student at the academy, Ms. Yu focused on Chinese Classical Dance, Contemporary Dance, Ballet, and Chinese Folk Dance. Ms. Yu has mastered many ethnic folk dances including Han, Tibetan, Mongolian, Uygur, Korean, Dai, Yi, and Miao among dozens of other styles.

In 2006, Ms. Yu joined the prestigious Beijing Dance Theater as a professional dancer, actor, choreographer, and director. From 2006 to 2012, Ms. Yu accumulated a wealth of on-stage dancing and acting experience performing at more than 500 venues, theaters, television stations, cultural celebrations and business events that spanned across the country and beyond. During this time, she won a number of dance awards, and was highly praised by both domestic and international audiences in China, the United States, Britain, Russia, Australia, Peru, Dubai, New Zealand, Japan, and Korea.

While on her professional journey, Ms Yu began sharing her skills and her passion for dance with others by teaching many talented young students. Ms. Yu is known for creating her own unique performance style, and for adding modern elements into folk and classical dances. Ms. Yu breaks down stereotypes with innovation so that her students and audience can better understand, connect with, and appreciate the universal art of dance.

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  • September 2007, the main performer in “Sino-Japanese Cultural Week, Sports Exchange Year”, China;
  • November 2007, performed in “Sino-Australia Cultural Exchange Performances” , New Zealand and Australia;
  • February 2008, pas de Deux dancer in “Sino-Britain Cultural Exchange Year”, UK;
  • October 2008, performed in “Lima-Beijing 30th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relation”, Peru;
  • November 2009, pas de Deux dancer in “Chinese Art Festival”, US;
  • November 2011, pas de Deux dancer in “Asian Culture Festival”, US.
  • July 2011, pas de Deux dancer of “Always be there” in Youku Film Festival, There are hundreds of important artists participated in the activity, including worldwide famous movie stars ZHANG Ziyi, Aaron Kwok, ZHANG Guoli, JIANG Qinqin etc. Link: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjg1NDA1NDg0.html.
  • November 2011, the main performer and Chronographer in “Chinese Culture Week”, UAE;
  • August 2013, performed in Jackie Chan’s concert. Participants in the activity are: Jackie Chan, Emil Chau, ZHAO Benshan, Xiao Shenyang, Jonathan Lee etc. It was highly concerned by websites and newspapers including CCTV,  Sohu, Netease, Sina. The network click volume reached 908,655.

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  • 2013, Tianjin Happy Valley large dance party “Tian Show”, choreographer;
  • 2013, Tianjin large real film show “Tianjin Hero”, executive director;
  • 2013, Inner Mongolia “Hailar No.1 Middle School Opening Ceremony of the 90th Anniversary”, dance director;
  • January 2011, Chinese Cultural Performances Opening Ceremony of National Museum of China, choreographer;
  • April 2011, Original Chinese folk dance & drum opera show choreographer;
  • April 2011, 18th World Medical Surgery Conference Opening Ceremony, choreographer;
  • May 2011, Fourth National Minorities Show “Guizhou folk dance Performance”, choreographer.
  • September 2011, Buyi large-scale live drama “Liyouli”, choreographer;
  • October 2011, multimedia creative dance “Yungang Grottoes”, choreographer;

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  • Pas de Trois : Singapore international Music & Dance Competition Golden Award
  • Pas de Trois : the First Prize in the Professional Youth Group of Sixth North Provinces Areas Dance Competition
  • Pas de Trois : Ninth National Dance Competition Excellence Performance Award
  • Pas de Teux : the Second Prize of the Professional Group in Tenth National Dance Competition
  • Pas de Teux : Excellence Performance Award in Seventh National Dance Competition
  • Pas de Teux : the Best Ten Performances of Folk Dance in Sixth China Hehua Dance Competition.
<center>Kristin Denson</center>

Kristin Denson

Jazz Dance Instructor & Choreographer

Kristin Denson first started dancing when she was four years old and danced competitively at a studio for ten years. She trained in the styles of lyrical, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, modern, clogging, etc. During her sophomore year of high school, she joined the drill team and was involved in that for three years, where she served as Junior Lieutenant and Senior Lieutenant on the officer line.

Following high school, Kristin attended Texas State University where she got her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance Performance and Choreography. While she was at Texas State, she was a member of Orchesis Dance Company for three years, serving as Financial Director her sophomore year and Artistic Director her junior year. As Artistic Director, she had the opportunity to create an entire show, including choreography, costuming, lighting, stage cues, marketing, etc. During her senior year of college, Kristin was a proud member of the faculty chosen Merge Dance Company. Merge Dance Company provided her with many performing/touring opportunities that were a great learning experience for her.

After college, Kristin began her career as a dance teacher. She started teaching at dance studios, held workshops, worked with drill teams, and became a competition team director. Her first year as a dance team director, her lyrical piece won first overall at Showstoppers Nationals. Since then, she has had many first-place regional wins at dance competitions all around Texas, including Platinum, 8 National Talent, Starbound, Nexstar, KAR, Revolution, etc.  Kristin has choreographed countless amounts of solos, duets, trios, and group pieces in all different styles that have won choreography awards and placed in the overall winners group.

Kristin has now been at HappyFeet for almost 6 years and loves her students so much!! While dance is no longer her main career path, she has been able to find the balance between her IT job and her passion for dancing. Directing the competitive dance team at HappyFeet has not only brought her so much joy, but it’s helped her grow as a choreographer and person.

<center>Jingkun (Jackie) Yang</center>

Jingkun (Jackie) Yang

Pop Dance Instructor

Jingkun (Jackie) Yang was an actress and a member of the Guizhou Provincial Rhythmic Gymnastics Team. She participated in many performance activities including TV appearances, film and theatrical productions, stage performances, as well as performance directing, and she gained 2017 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant American Region Second Runner-Up & Miss Chinese Cultural Elegant.

After training with the gymnastics team, Jackie transitioned to the study of Yoga and Chinese folk dance including the ethnic dances of Dai, Han, Tibetan, Mongolian, Uygur and other ethnic minorities. Jackie is also an expert in other styles of dances such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, and modern dance.

Jackie earned her Bachelor’s degree from Communication University of China (中国传媒大学) and her Master degree from Columbia College Chicago. She is a professional in the applied knowledge of the performing arts including acting, directing and producing. Jackie is professionally qualified to teach Chinese dance and Yoga, and she obtained the title of Certified International Professional (CIP) Yoga Instructor in 2011.

<center>Katina Johns</center>

Katina Johns

Ballet Dance Instructor & Choreographer

Katina Johns is a professional ballet dancer, currently performing with Ballet North Texas. Prior to moving to Dallas, she danced professionally in Madison, WI, and New York. Katina is proficient in many styles of dance including, ballet, pointe, pas de deux, contemporary, and modern. She has trained extensively with world renowned teachers, mentors, and choreographers all over the country. As a teacher, Katina has been sharing her passion for dance with her students of all ages for over seven years, focusing on technique, artistry, and most importantly a genuine love for dance. She has taught and choreographed all ages and levels of students ranging from 3-adults, including professionals! Katina values a positive and encouraging learning environment in her classroom. She is thrilled to be a part of the amazing staff at Happy Feet Dance School and Performance! 

Katina attended Adelphi University, from which she graduated summa cum laude in 2017 with her B.F.A. in dance performance. Under Frank Augustyn, former principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada and recipient of the first place prize for best pas de deux from the International Ballet Competition in Moscow, she  was individually mentored in pas de deux, pointe, and ballet technique. There she also trained under instructors from companies all over the world, including Pennsylvania Ballet, Alberta Ballet, NDT, and other European companies. Her modern technique training was overseen by dancers from the Paul Taylor Company, the Graham Company, and Azsure Barton’s Company. In addition to her technique classes, Katina deeply studied Pilates and the outstanding effects it has in regards to technique, strength, flexibility, and injury prevention. Along with her college performing experiences, which included repertorie from many famous ballets, Martha Graham, Adelheid Strelick, and many more, she danced professionally all over New York, including with Eglevsky Ballet. She guested in roles such as The Sugar Plum Fairy and The Dew Drop Fairy to name a few. Outside of Adelphi, she was coached by other famous dancers including Ali Pourfarrokh and Katherine Healy. 

Growing up, Katina began fostering her passion for dance at Berks Ballet Theatre in Reading, Pennsylvania at the young age of 2. There she performed with the company and danced many lead roles in their performances! Her company was a part of Regional Dance America through which Katina was awarded several scholarships, including the Jonathon Phelps award for excellence in contemporary work and passion for dance. Additionally Katina has gone to professional summer intensives around the world such as, LINES Ballet, Zion Dance Project, ABT, and Nashville Ballet.

<center>袁凌/Ling Yuan</center>

袁凌/Ling Yuan

Dance Instructor & Choreographer

中国舞蹈家 旅美舞者 舞蹈编导 


中國民族民間舞考級中心考官  高级教师








创作编排作品多次荣获中国(艺术类)政府性奖项其个人事迹多次被环球网 凤凰网 中国网等媒体报道

<center>袁凌/Leon Lai</center>

袁凌/Leon Lai

Hip-Hop Dance Instructor & Choreographer

Bio coming soon

<center>徐莺/Ying Xu</center>

徐莺/Ying Xu

Dance Instructor & Choreographer

徐莺老师毕业于北京舞蹈学院中国舞表演、教育合一专业, 在校期间以专业总分第一的好成绩获得一等奖学金,2012年以全额奖学金获得美国CWRU大学现代舞表演、编导硕士,并在英国伦敦世界一流的拉班艺术学院学习舞蹈动作科学分析学。徐莺老师获得美国享有很高声誉的Henry Kurth 舞蹈奖以及 Eva L. Pancoast 舞蹈大奖。先后任教于宾州大学舞蹈系、美国Coker大学舞蹈系、威斯康辛-麦迪逊大学舞蹈系。曾邀请担任全美高中生舞蹈大赛评委,全美大学生舞蹈艺术节特邀讲师。徐莺老师培养出众多获得国际舞蹈金奖的学生们,曾在伦敦国际舞蹈艺术节,匈牙利国际舞蹈艺术节,东京国际舞蹈艺术节,波斯尼亚国际舞蹈艺术节获得舞蹈国际表演、创编金奖,以及美国舞蹈比赛” Kar Dance Competition中,收获舞蹈三个最高奖,an Elite Top First Place, High Point awards, Judges Choice Awards

<center>马莹/Ying Ma</center>

马莹/Ying Ma

Dance Instructor & Choreographer

马莹老师本科毕业于湖南师范大学舞蹈学专业。2020年考入Arizona State University舞蹈系研究生,连续三年获得全额奖学金并在校教学于Modern/Contemporary Dance和Yoga/Pilates。主要研究领域是编舞、即兴创作、现代/当代舞、瑜伽/普拉提、舞蹈影像和创意场所营造艺术。 马莹的编创作品立足于通过艺术从广泛的角度反映人们的社会生活和社会问题,她的研究通过艺术、社区、政策和地方的交叉来探索文化公平问题。

<center>张真/Zhen Zhang</center>

张真/Zhen Zhang

Dance Instructor & Choreographer


<center>Maria Day</center>

Maria Day

Dance Instructor & Choreographer

28 years in the dance industry, Maria Day is an expert in performance, coaching, & choreography. Her genres expand from fine arts to commercial styles in the business. Maria earned her B.F.A. in dance and a Minor in business at Texas Woman’s University, Denton, Texas. 

Her earlier professional dance experience includes, but not limited to, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, DBDT II, Bruce Wood Dance Project, and the Zion Dance Project. In 2010, she became an independent artist and has been part of various

guest and collaborative works with local, national, and international artists within and

outside the realm of dance. She trained many professional artists and choreographers from around the nation and the world. She had the opportunity to teach at the prestigious

Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in Dallas, Carver Magnet High School in Houston, and was an Arts Integration Specialist for Big Thought Thriving

Minds After School Program. She has taught and choreographed for Park Cities Dance, Kitty Carter Dance Factory, and many more. She served as a Director at Power House of Dance, Dallas & Frisco, and Teen Ministry Director of Dance at The Potter’s House. Maria is a stage presence coach at Septien Entertainment Group for vocal artists.

When Maria isn’t dancing back up for

Grammy-Nominated Artist, SHAB, helps entrepreneurs and investors buy, sell, lease, and develop real estate assets. She has two fur babies, (cats), that she absolutely adores and utterly spoils, Stormy and Sascha. Maria also likes to spend her studying, writing, and enjoys intimate gatherings with loved ones.