Who We Are and What We Do

HappyFeet Dance Company is a Chinese American youth education and performance organization based in Plano, Texas. We are a cultural bridge to China’s 5,000-year-old heritage, facilitating a deep appreciation for China’s contribution to dance as one of humanity’s most beautiful forms of artistic expression.

We share the art of traditional Chinese ethnic folk and classical dance with North Texas and the world by participating in public performances, international competitions, charitable fundraising activity, and volunteer service.

Members of HappyFeet Dance Company are selected at a young age by audition, dedicating years of high-level training through group classes and solo lessons. Over time, company members build a healthy mind-body balance while developing confidence, elegance, and grace along their journey through adolescence.Senior company members graduating high school proudly carry their strength from the dance studio to all aspects of life.


Our members have collectively won hundreds of dance competition awards while upholding excellent academic standing. Each year, a handful of members earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award, demonstrating outstanding civic service.


HappyFeet Dance Company is seeking support from socially responsible individuals, corporations, and philanthropic foundations to continue the cultural enrichment of our youth members and North Texas. Through the generous support of donors and sponsors, HappyFeet Dance Company is able to produce large-scale public theatrical performances, provide world-class instruction, and serve our community.

Why support Us?

By helping us foster an appreciation and respect for China’s 5,000-year-old dance culture, you make a lasting, positive impact on our youth members while benefitting the community we serve.

Public Performances