Dance School

Class Structure

Play Dance

Ages 4 – 5

  • HappyFeetDSP has methodically designed Play Dance teaching methods that are specifically for this age group.
  • Through play games, children learn to understand their body and the mechanics of coordinated movement.
  • Different types of physical activities are integrated with the goal of enhancing balance, muscular strength, sense of space, and concentration.
  • Using comedy-dance choreography, children gain a greater interest in learning, accompanied by a sense of achievement.
  • Your child’s physical and mental development is nurtured through a series of playful games and creative dance movments, promoting positive self-esteem while improving muscle coordination, motor skill development, listening skills, and the development of your child’s natural creativity.
  • We constantly promote imagination while building strength and agility through physical activity.
  • This class also teaches the concept of communication by incorporating dialogue, imitation, and role-playing into interactive group physical exercises.
  • Young students who complete this program will progress naturally to the next level of dance education.

Creative Dance

Ages 5 – 6

  • Creative Dance is a continuation of Play Dance, introducing a gradual increase in the range and depth of curriculum.
  • Specific dance technique classes will begin when students are ready.
  • Using HappyFeetDSP’s unique teaching method, we inspire and nurture students’ imagination and creativity.
  • The Creative Dance program is designed for children who are in kindergarten and elementary school. Building on basic cognitive and physical challenges such as imitation and repetition, students will begin to form and express their own ideas within the context of body movement.
  • We guide students through a structured process of self-expression using a combination of basic musical dance pieces. It is at this point when a student’s creativity through body movement begins to take shape. Likewise, noticeable improvements in motor coordination skills and physical strength will naturally accompany higher levels of self-confidence.
  • This program is not only about the self-discovery of our students potential for creative expression. It is also about learning to acknowledge, appreciate, and respect the creative expressions of other students around them.
  • In this teaching and training environment, we practice healthy forms of social interaction and communication an essential component of our young students personality development.

Elementary Dance

Ages 7 – 9

  • Elementary level students transition from the Children’s program and enter a more challenging, structured class environment.
  • Students are introduced to an increased level of formal training, consisting of Dance Mix, Basic Technique, and Rehearsal.
  • Elementary classes are developed to prepare students for entering the Intermediate classes in the following year.

Intermediate Dance

Ages 10 – 12

  • Emphasis is on a combination of dancing technique and musical rhythm in order to strengthen their linkage.
  • Through rehearsal classes and improvisation exercises, students will experiment with different styles of dance, such as Chinese folk dance, classical dance and modern dance.
  • Each style of dance distinguishes China’s many ethnic groups and cultures.
  • This program gives students a boost of self-confidence by adding polish to elegance and grace.
  • Students at the Intermediate level continue to grow in their dance technique and develop a stronger understanding of body movement dynamics.
  • Instructors, students, and parents gain an awareness of the commitment needed to further the dancer’s training.