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Discover The Art Of Healthy Living!

Regardless of your current skill level or experience — if you love to dance, want to stay in shape, want to make new friends, and (optionally) have a desire to perform on-stage  —  then you are cordially invited to join us!

The pursuit of happiness, health, beauty, and grace are all integrated into our dance curriculum.

  • The Adult’s Troupe Program offers skilled instruction in traditional Chinese dance, and also explores the wider world of dance.
  • In addition to traditional Chinese dance class, offerings also include Yoga, Pilates, and basic Ballet.
  • Flexible options encourage you to customize the program to suit your individual artistic and fitness goals.

Time Commitment
  • 1.5 to 2.5 hours per week for Adult’s Troupe classes.
  • Other offerings vary in time.
Dress Code
  • Dance slippers are required.
  • We recommend you wear whatever is most comfortable. For some, this is the traditional leotard and tights; for others, this is closer to typical workout clothing (leggings and a t-shirt, for example).
  • Please pull up your hair and away from the face.


Adult Classes Only

225 East State Hwy 121, Suite 115

(at Dana’s Studio of Dance)



Children’s & Adult Classes

121 W Spring Creek
Plano, Texas

(HappyFeetDSP Headquarters)


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